I have been a full time professional photographer since 2005. A little unsure at first, but boudoir quickly became my favourite photography genre along with my favourite clients.

I am so thankful to be women’s top choice for this vulnerable experience. One clients told me, “My boyfriend doesn’t even see me in my underwear!”

Most are nervous when they arrive, but leave practically skipping. I love the confidence boost that boudoir photography provides. It is an experience like no other to celebrate this time in your life with images you can look back on with a big smile.

My years of experience has taught me that posing is everything. I steal tricks from the Kardashians, Victoria Secret and even the Royal family, to bring out your best assets and minimize the lumps and bumps that all women have but none of us are too fond of.

Personally, a proud mama of 2 adult daughters. Also a happy hour lover and a bit of a nut.

If you are just starting your search to find the right boudoir photographer

or have finally made your decision,

I am happy that you stopped by my site and can’t wait to meet you in person.

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