Men have dreams, don’t we all? They want to be at the top of their game, the 

want to swim with sharks and also climb Mount Everest. Of course, these dreams 

don’t hold a candle to reliving his play boy fantasy. I am sure you have an idea of 

how he must have drooled on pages and pages of playboy magazines, hidden 

somewhere in his room, as a teen.

Right now, you are his favorite woman, his main squeeze and you need to assist 

him create that fantasy, making it a reality. 

Why not transform into his playboy bunny for life. All we need you to do is 

schedule a boudoir session and leave the rest to us; yeah!  You have the best 

Calgary boudoir photographer on your team, nothing can go wrong. This will 

make him appreciate the fact that you hired a pro to glam you up and take those 

stunning pictures. 

As we all know, boudoir photography has been in existence for over 150 years 

and it is here to stay. Although, this photo session is for a woman to feel sexy, in 

control and beautiful, having these photos gifted to a love one has become very 

popular over the years. Here are reasons why you should gift that special man 

boudoir photos.

 Celebrate that milestone. Whatever milestone it is, celebrate it together. 

This is one great and unique way to celebrate yours and his life 

achievements, relationships, having something new in your lives; like a 

baby, losing weight and other amazing changes.

It could even go a step further, giving it more meaning. Has your man done 

something new in his career? Showing him you care. This romantic gesture 

would not be forgotten for a very long time. 

 Spice up that relationship. Do you feel your relationship has lost steam? A 

boring relationship is a big turn off. I am not a relationship expert, but I 

know what will revive it. Lady! Spice it up with some really sexy shots and 

gift it to your man. A man with is sexy wife and a memorabilia to look at all 

the time is a king in the bedroom. Wink! Wink!!

 Show him his sultry goddess. You are a goddess and you can show your 

man how sexy and sultry you are. Let him view the different side of you. Do 

you fantasize about being in latex, handling a whip? By all means, do that 

and show him who the boss is.

This move can spice up your sex life. If he hasn’t asked you to relive his 

fantasies, he will, when he knows how amazing you look doing it.

Making adequate preparations to thrill your man is important to avoid anything 

going wrong. Find out what he loves; a sultry baseball player or a naughty nurse? 

We can create that for in a snap. Be rest assured, we are professional and we 

have an all-female boudoir photography squad to make you feel very 


The finishing of your boudoir photos is as important as the session itself and we 

have a variety of products to give your photos a great aesthetic feel. We are offer 

art cards which have a lovely texture and beautiful colors that accentuate your 

photos, metal prints made of aluminum and lovely albums to keep your photos 

looking beautiful and safe.