Just like diamonds, the memories attached to pictures, last forever. Sadly, most 

photographs last for a few decades, at most, half a century and then they are gone; 

most times with their memories.

With every problem, there is a solution. We have found a way to keep your 

pictures lasting till the end of time. Need I remind you, we are an innovative studio, 

thinking of new techniques to keep our clients happy and coming back for more.

Metal prints are made of aluminum; we use brushed aluminum which increases 

aesthetic appeal, created by infusing specially made dyes onto metal sheets, 

which gives photographs durability, making them scratch resistant and water 


Your pictures come out in high definition colors and beautiful luminescence looks, 

they become works of art. Another advantage of using the metal print is the 

flexibility it offers when you want to place or hang the pictures. You can never go 

wrong with these metal prints; they come in unique and decorative border 

options, adding to the artistic feel of your photos.

From amazing portraits to your favorite boudoir photos, these metal prints will 

make your photos stand out for decades, without you being scared of losing your 

most memorable photos.

At our studio, we offer clients the brushed aluminum 12 by 12 bold and fashion 

forward metal prints which come in a set of three. This without a doubt, will be 

the best decision you have made in getting great pictures, which stand the test of