Why you need hair and makeup for your photoshoot?

Every woman is very pretty in her own way and if she is well made up 

appropriately for an occasion, it can be a great means of accentuation 

of a woman’s beauty.

When you are ready for a photoshoot for any reason, you need to 

understand that just like you can’t wear winter clothes in summer or 

wear a basketball attire for a soccer game, consequently, you can’t use 

your everyday makeup and hair for a great and very stunning 


You have an idea and want to look natural or subtle, as a professional 

photographer, I understand how light could downplay the effect of 


 Although, it is hard to achieve the right makeup for photography 

sessions, my glam team during our photoshoot, would give you a 

professional look that will translate appropriately.

Most times, even after all the explanations on why they need a 

professional glam team for their photoshoot, clients still need valid 

reasons and I have cramped all these reasons into one sentence.

Having your makeup and hair done professionally, leaves you relaxed, 

looking like a magazine model. 

No photographer needs his client tensed up before a shoot. So I try to 

get my muse well relaxed. What better way relaxes a client than having 

her makeup and hair done by a glam squad, rather than doing it herself, 

scared she might ruin her look.

Let me be honest, most clients who do their makeup themselves never 

get it right. They don’t get the best look lights from the studio won’t 

fade off.


Looking like a model for Victoria Secret is an amazing direction to go as 

a theme for a shoot. For this to become a reality, you need to get the 

exact look. A perfectly tousled hair do, will give you the sultriness of a 

model. Your hair needs to be clean so the tousled look does look messy 

like a girl who just rolled out of bed.

For your make up, you need a sun kissed glow, an effect which could be 

achieved by the proper use of bronzers and earthy toned blushes. A 

glossy kissable lip, Hmmm! Hmmm! To complete the look, a nicely done 

smoky eye makeup is appropriate and you will be looking like a model 

about to walk the run way.

A pinup look is a great idea for a vintage photo shoot and the makeup 

has to be spot on. You can’t have a pinup look without those beautifully 

made up red lips; imagine Marilyn Monroe, the pinup goddess, without 

a red lipstick on; unimaginable!!! 

For your face, a clear look would do with a rosy cheek and natural 

looking eye shadow work with the eyeliner extra wing.

Want a totally vamped up look? You could do artificial lashes; they are 

lovely accessories which give your eyes an irresistible and sultry look. 

The best thing about them is they are an inexpensive way to vamp up 

that look.

Getting a glam team to professionally do your makeup and hair is not a 

luxury during a photoshoot, it is a necessity. I have a team ready to 

glam you up. If you need them to do so, let’s hook you up.