Over the last few years, boudoir photography as a genre has managed to step back into the limelight, but its current popularity didn't just happen overnight! The sensual depiction of the human female form has been around since cavemen first picked up a piece of charcoal to draw on the walls of a cave. The history of art is filled with countless images and artwork that captured the beauty of the female body long before boudoir as a genre arrived to the scene.

Boudoir photography has a long history of classic tradition and unique style. Over the years, the genre has undergone significant changes. Here is a brief breakdown of the different phases of boudoir photography: 

  • The beginning – 1890s. The first photographic album of boudoir photography appeared around 1890 in France. Then, around 1900, the French postcard featuring boudoir photography was born. The postcards were sold in secret as a collector’s item in shops throughout Paris.
  • The 1920s. It was in the 1920s that boudoir art and photography really began to take shape as an art form. The photographers of that era took images of women who posed in romantic ways against ornate backdrops. Boudoir photography was still illegal in the 1920s and photographers were often arrested or heavily fined for taking the photos.
  • Glamorous Hollywood studio era - 1940s. The golden age of Hollywood cinema captured the spirit of boudoir with its leading ladies and their classical, glamorous images. Images were not explicit but classy, attractive and undeniably downright sexy.
  • Pinup era - 1950s. The pinup era was the first to use various props during photoshoots. The subjects of these photos, the so called “pinup girls” were featured wearing nylons, stilettos, corsets, men’s hats or elegant elbow-length gloves and very little else. The pinup Boudoir images were both playful and seductive.
  • Burlesque era - 1980’s. - The next large change in the evolution of boudoir took place in the 1980s, about the time when photography began to carve a place for itself in the professional art world. The vision of the female form became more prolific and boudoir photography became significantly more acceptable.
  • -          Today: Boudoir photography stands out for its celebration of real women's bodies. Boudoir photography today is a way for women to celebrate their bodies and sexuality.

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