While there are many reasons people might seek out the services of a professional boudoir photographer, one of the most common is to celebrate meeting their weight loss goals. These photography sessions will make you feel beautiful and desirable, while allowing you to celebrate your new body.

Boudoir photography is meant to tastefully showcase a beautiful body, no matter what size is on the clothing tags. While many women might initially opt for a session to have sexy pictures taken for their partner, they often find that it ends up being a gift for themselves.

Often, we cannot truly envision the amount of weight we have lost, simply because we still see the old version of ourselves. Through boudoir photography, you’ll finally able to see the major transitions your body has gone through and reclaim your femininity and self-esteem.

Whether you choose to go partially nude, wear bra and panty set or sexy lingerie pieces, you can rest assured you will be photographed artistically. These photo shoots result in beautiful works of art that can be cherished for many years to come.

You’ve put in a lot of work transforming your body – why not show it off with tasteful and sexy photos by Jodi O, Calgary’s professional boudoir photographer.