Boudoir Photography is an art. From the theme to the shoot and the final results, there’s more to boudoir photography than meets the eye.

Setting the Scene

A professional photographer puts an enormous amount of work into each Boudoir session. Prop selection must not only be tasteful and visually appealing, but it must compliment the model's wardrobe and accessories. Whether the shoot is taking place in a small room or a studio, the colors, placement, and size of all objects in the camera's visual field have to be taken into consideration before deciding on lighting or how to pose the model.

While natural light is wonderful for many photography styles, soft lighting is often ideal for a Boudoir session. Using a fill light is also highly recommended, as it eliminates the possibility of awkward or jarring shadows.

A light to medium soft filter for the camera lens is also useful to have on hand, but a soft filter effect can be used in digital post-processing and editing instead.

Generally speaking, what a woman might wear as their day-to-day makeup isn't normally appropriate for a Boudoir session. A model should never be responsible for their own hair and makeup at a professional session, and so the photographer will either be trained for it or have a trained professional on set.

The Model

In a professional setting, the model for the shoot may or may not have previous experience. While some sessions will employ professional models, in other cases photographers are creating the session for individuals looking to keep these photographs for private use. Because of this, the photographer has to be aware that the model may not have experience taking direction and needs to be respectful, professional, and patient as a director.

Understanding how those lines of the body look when photographed comes with experience, and knowing how the turn of a hand, or the placement of an arm can make or break a picture is important. The ability to properly pose a model and direct a shoot is what separates a casual photographer from a master who consistently creates fine work.

Perspective and attention to detail is everything.

While all photographers who do portraiture understand that they always have to show their subjects in good light, a Boudoir photographer has to achieve excellence every time. Hard work, experience, understanding of the lines of the human body, and patience in their art is what sets a great photographer apart from a good photographer.

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