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Boudoir- Seeing your true beauty

Boudoir sessions like this make me want to shout from the Calgary rooftops how much I love my job. 

Capturing women’s unique beauty is absolutely priceless!

Between shots we connect on the deepest levels talking about life, hopes and future plans. Gives me such a warm feeling all over. 

And then...

Looking at the photos from our boudoir session,  I am left speechless. It is amazing to me that most women don’t know how beautiful they really are. I am filled with such a profound sense of gratitude that me and my little boudoir studio can show them. 

Jeepers. Thank you, ladies.

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Boudoir Calgary - Where there's smoke, there's fire!

It is so hard to pick just a few photos from my recent session with this fiery lady. 

She rocked the vintage lingerie, set fire to an oversized sweater with thigh highs and owned my red velvet couch. 

She is hot and I mean HAWT!

Besides setting my studio ablaze we had a great time chatting about kids and family and life. 

Sending big hugs to such a beautiful woman.

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Happy Pride Calgary

Ms Frankie and I celebrated Calgary Pride weekend with a boudoir session. This wasn’t our first rodeo but this time seemed even more special. 

What is Jodi and Frankie’s recipe for such an amazing session? 

One cup of newly revamped studio

A pinch of wigs 

Add a dash of lashes 

Lastly a heaping helping of photo magic

Mix together with lots of laughs and a sassy, sexiness that just won’t quit. 

Frankie’s sky high heels, prowess in a furry stole and vintage lingerie and classy Kimono give a level of variety that are complex, genuine and elegant.

Our goal was to create images just as delicious as she is.

Was our goal achieved? You bet your buns it was!

I am proud of us. Frankie, we did good :)

Boudoir photography is truly for any person looking for a fun and sexy way to express themselves. Everyone is welcome in my Calgary boudoir studio. 

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