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September 21 - Boudoir Marathon

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We have been busting our buns for the next round of boudoir marathons. My studio has new sets, new lashes and is ready for you.

Boudoir Marathons = ALL DAY SEXY and we are going all in!

What you get…

Makeup and hair artistry - included.

One hour studio session - you got it!

40+ edited digital images - oh yes ;)

$100 print credit - yeah baby!

Tell your friends, your gran and any lady who deserves to feel gorgeous with the photos to prove it. 

Say hello with your questions and to book your space


2019 Boudoir Beautiful - Calgary Boudoir Photographers

I want to start off this blog post by promising you that 2019 is your year!

 You have worked hard and given so many aspects of your life the best you have. This is the year to give back to you.

 I have with hundreds of Calgary women.  Women just like you! We all struggle with our body image, busy lives and finding time for ourselves. In all of my boudoir photography sessions women walk away  feeling overwhelming beautiful, confident and grateful for making the time for themselves. The images are a lasting reminder of how fierce they really are.

 Working together I have the same overwhelming feeling of confidence and gratitude and want to share the experience with you.

 Whether you are looking at Boudoir Photography as a gift for your sweetie or just for you, I know that we will make photo magic together.

To book your appointment -

Still Time for Christmas Pix!

Boudoir photography for Christmas is a sexy treat that he will always treasure!

I am so pleased to offer lightning fast turnaround on all sessions.

This means you can get your edited digital images in 24 hours or less.

Contact me for information on nBoudoir photography and to book your session.


The perfect Christmas gift; a boudoir photography session!

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Listen up men!  I am going to make your gift giving easy!

Christmas is a more than a season you share with family and friends; it is simply a period you show how much you appreciate your family and friends. Although, this time of the year can  simply perfect, finding a gift that fits the season is a daunting task. It can be more difficult when the gift involves the women in our lives. Thinking outside the box is the logical thing to do and a boudoir photography session gift certificate is the right way to go.

In the last few years, the popularity of boudoir photography as a gift idea grew impressively. These have been perfect gifts for wives, girlfriends, fiancées and moms; yeah, I am not mistaken, moms.

Gift certificates are available with sessions, digital images, hair and make-up artistry.

 Boudoir Photography in Calgary for women of all shapes and sizes. Custom sessions design to pamper and leave women with unbelievable confidence.  Fun and affordable photography.


After she receives such a thoughtful gift, what happens next? She will gush about it and set out to make the best use of this of the session. If she is are a first timer, she can contact me at any time to chat about researching themes, props, schedule a session date and enjoy the experience.

Boudoir photography prop ideas

Getting the right prop to go with your theme is the most difficult aspect of the preparation phase before the boudoir photography session. However, it is best to see props as a way of making your boudoir session personalized and fun.

Tell a story using your props, show your fun side and be yourself. That is all you need to do, leave the rest to the photographer, as a CALGARY BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER with years of experience, I ensure I portray my muse as a fun loving woman, who has a story to tell and I do so in the most amazing way.

Here are a few prop ideas I find fascinating. They have produced the best boudoir photos and if well replicated, you should have the same effect.

 Boudoir Photography in Calgary for women of all shapes and sizes. Custom sessions design to pamper and leave women with unbelievable confidence.  Fun and affordable photography.


Basic props for a boudoir photography session are everyday accessories, a woman can't do without. Jewelry is perfect!. Long string of beads or pearls, for instance, could be draped around your body in whatever pose decided.

Hats as props are stylish and cool. They make a muse sexy, classy and fashionable. A popular style of hats a lot of women use is the fedora. It is a great choice when paired with lingerie or any other clothing of your choosing.

Fur stoles are also good for women who want their strong side exposed during the shoot. Berets are associated with authority and who else can pull this off, if not a strong willed, sophisticated Fashionista.

 Boudoir Photography in Calgary for women of all shapes and sizes. Custom sessions design to pamper and leave women with unbelievable confidence.  Fun and affordable photography.

Since we are talking about Christmas gifts, using a Christmas or winter hat and mitts goes well with a Christmas or winter theme, it is normal for most women to go this route, after all you want to remember the season when you were gifted this amazing boudoir session.

For a romantic theme, use flowers, candles or petals as props and you would show your romantic side without trying so hard.

Want to showcase your kinky side, you will definitely need kinky props like whips, handcuffs, harnesses, riding crops and so on. Oh my!

As a Calgary boudoir photographer with ample experience taking photos of women who want to feel good out themselves, I always advise, try as much as you can to be daring, but comfortable, leave your worries behind and have as much fun as you possibly can.

If you are in the Calgary area in need of a boudoir photography session as a gift, why not contact me, I will give you the best offer, making you and that special woman happy for a long time.

 Boudoir Photography in Calgary for women of all shapes and sizes. Custom sessions design to pamper and leave women with unbelievable confidence.  Fun and affordable photography.

Calgary Boudoir Photographer with Hair and Make Up Artistry

Why you need hair and makeup for your photoshoot?

Every woman is very pretty in her own way and if she is well made up 

appropriately for an occasion, it can be a great means of accentuation 

of a woman’s beauty.

When you are ready for a photoshoot for any reason, you need to 

understand that just like you can’t wear winter clothes in summer or 

wear a basketball attire for a soccer game, consequently, you can’t use 

your everyday makeup and hair for a great and very stunning 


You have an idea and want to look natural or subtle, as a professional 

photographer, I understand how light could downplay the effect of 


 Although, it is hard to achieve the right makeup for photography 

sessions, my glam team during our photoshoot, would give you a 

professional look that will translate appropriately.

Most times, even after all the explanations on why they need a 

professional glam team for their photoshoot, clients still need valid 

reasons and I have cramped all these reasons into one sentence.

Having your makeup and hair done professionally, leaves you relaxed, 

looking like a magazine model. 

No photographer needs his client tensed up before a shoot. So I try to 

get my muse well relaxed. What better way relaxes a client than having 

her makeup and hair done by a glam squad, rather than doing it herself, 

scared she might ruin her look.

Let me be honest, most clients who do their makeup themselves never 

get it right. They don’t get the best look lights from the studio won’t 

fade off.


Looking like a model for Victoria Secret is an amazing direction to go as 

a theme for a shoot. For this to become a reality, you need to get the 

exact look. A perfectly tousled hair do, will give you the sultriness of a 

model. Your hair needs to be clean so the tousled look does look messy 

like a girl who just rolled out of bed.

For your make up, you need a sun kissed glow, an effect which could be 

achieved by the proper use of bronzers and earthy toned blushes. A 

glossy kissable lip, Hmmm! Hmmm! To complete the look, a nicely done 

smoky eye makeup is appropriate and you will be looking like a model 

about to walk the run way.

A pinup look is a great idea for a vintage photo shoot and the makeup 

has to be spot on. You can’t have a pinup look without those beautifully 

made up red lips; imagine Marilyn Monroe, the pinup goddess, without 

a red lipstick on; unimaginable!!! 

For your face, a clear look would do with a rosy cheek and natural 

looking eye shadow work with the eyeliner extra wing.

Want a totally vamped up look? You could do artificial lashes; they are 

lovely accessories which give your eyes an irresistible and sultry look. 

The best thing about them is they are an inexpensive way to vamp up 

that look.

Getting a glam team to professionally do your makeup and hair is not a 

luxury during a photoshoot, it is a necessity. I have a team ready to 

glam you up. If you need them to do so, let’s hook you up.