Thank you again for choosing Jodi O Boudoir Calgary!

As you prepare for your upcoming boudoir session, here's some information that you may find helpful.

Studio location...

139 Sunmills Dr SE

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What to wear…

Choose an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident! Each boudoir package includes a certain number of outfits that will be photographed, but I highly recommend bringing a few extra options for flexibility. If you're unsure, I'd be happy to help you narrow your outfit choices. Whether you choose to go partially nude, wear bra and pantie set or sexy lingerie pieces, you can rest assured you will be photographed in a tasteful and artistic way.

You can also bring some accessories or personal touches that go with your theme, including jewelry, costume pieces or something special that represents you or your significant other. I also have a variety of props that you can borrow to enhance your shoot.

Bring inspiration...

Check out the Jodi O Photography Boudoir Galleryor do a Google or Pinterest search for ideas. Feel free to bring along any photos that inspire you! From there, your boudoir shoot can be customized with the mood, lighting and poses.

A little about timing…

I always strive to run sessions on time, and often have clients back-to-back. To save you from waiting while I finish up with earlier sessions, please come at your designated time.

Make-up and hair...

Make-up and hair helps to refine your unique style and theme. If we have arranged hair and makeup artistry as part of your package, please come with a freshly washed face and clean hair.

Here's a few tips for photography hair and makeup if you choose to do your own:

  • Use a clean mascara wand and hairspray to tame hair flyways 
  • For a more dramatic look, layer/darken your makeup 
  • If you decide to try out faux lashes, make sure you practice them at home at least once before your special day
  • Avoid shine by wearing a matte foundation or powder 
  • For eyeshadow and blush, opt for colours with a faint shimmer, rather than large sparkles

Take good care of yourself...

While it might be tempting to skip meals on the day of your shoot, please, please dont starve yourself! High protein meals and snacks beforehand will keep your energy high and not add any puffiness.

Most importantly...

RELAX and be yourself!  I am here to take care of you, and guide you.  Leave it all up to me!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I look forward to working with you!