Style Guide

As for outfits, it is really up to you, but I have a few recommendations. 


A staple for any boudoir session.  Garter sets, negligees and full mesh body suits are great!  

If you are concerned a certain part of your body, consider a one piece lingerie item or a sexy slip/ nighty. A sexy robe is great for draping and can be a coverup during set changes.

Many clients shop online, but I have the best luck at La Senza.  They have lots of great sales and selection.

Whether you have a big budget or a more modest one, consider thrift stores or raiding a friends closet.  Both choices offer unique items for one of a kind images.

If you choose to use what you have, select outfits and lingerie that makes you feel special and bring back the best memories.  That joy will show on your face and all over your curves.

Non Boudoir Items

Love your jean jacket?  Bring it!  Same goes for your Minnesota Vikings jersey or anything else that makes you feel fab.  Little black dresses, over sized sweaters and mens dress shirts too!

Big Recommendation 

Bring a few options to your shoot and we can narrow it down together.  Sometime the best ideas are ones that I don’t see coming.  I dare you to surprise me. :)


Pack your heels and jewelry if you like, but my focus is on you.  I find that flashy items can get distracting  in the finished photos.

Items in the studio

I have a few things, but have chosen not to supply outfits generally   There is no way that I could stock every outfit, in every style, in every size.  Hygiene is also a concern.  Besides, you know you best and images that are unique is what this is all about.

What I’ve got on hand - vintage lingerie, furry stole, slips, white sheets (perfect for classic images for any of all ages) 


Want to showcase your birthday suit? For ladies, no problem. We will make sure the photos are tasteful and artistic.


As part of a couples session or if you are coming in on your own, there are so many options for your outfits.

Bring a suit, jeans and your Calvin’s.  Minimal writing and logos on your undies is best.

Nudity for gentlemen? Not so much. Men need to keep their underwear on at all times.