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Are you looking for a way to capture your unique beauty and bring out your inner goddess? Treat yourself to a professional boudoir photo session with Jodi O. No matter what your size or shape, Jodi O is here to create high quality boudoir photos that will thrill and amaze you with their tastefulness and sexy charm.

Specializing in boudoir photo services for real women, Jodi O’s all-woman professional team works out of an inviting private studio in Calgary. You’ll be sure to have a fun and exciting experience every time you visit.

Whether you are looking to ignite the imagination of your partner, give yourself a gift or show off your body transformation efforts, Jodi O’s boudoir photography will ensure that your beauty and essence are captured in professional photos that you can cherish for life.

Take a moment to browse through our galleries of high-quality images and imagine yourself as the subject of an experienced boudoir photographer’s art. Contact Jodi O today and get started making your fantasies come true!


Thoughts on Couples Sessions from Jodi O Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Couples Boudoir: a means of igniting passion!

These days we learn to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, trying out new thing we never thought we will try out in a million years. Oh yeah! Life happens and we have to go with the flow to enjoy what it has for us.

As a Calgary Boudoir Photographer I tend to have ladies come in to take sexy shots of themselves as gifts for their spouses.  

In the last year or two, couples boudoir has become a new trend.  I have seen couples come in to book sessions and this challenging, yet amazing art, has kept me inspired since I worked on my first couple.  

What is couple boudoir you might want to ask? This form of boudoir photography involves couples taking intimate, yet fun pictures together, with a hint of nudity, depending on what they are comfortable with.

Some couples even choose a theme or style they would love their session to follow. This makes it a beautiful and artistic session, giving a professional photographer like me, the perfect muses to work with. It is so intriguing you see sparks flying during sessions like these. Although I see this coming, I get stunned when couples come back to say thanks for making their relationship work. They claim they have opened up a fun and sexual side they never knew each partner had. What can I do, but take the little glory for shooting the session?

Why couple's boudoir?

Intimacy speaks volumes; its significance cannot be overemphasized in a relationship. That being said, couples boudoir gives couples the opportunity to show their love, commitment and also an avenue for them to play out their fantasies without being judged. They become who they want to be and when they want to be that person.  The traditional boudoir session promises to make a woman powerful and empowered, but this is entirely replaced by fun, sexuality and a feeling of contentment when the couple’s boudoir session is on.  For women who feel this might be an awkward situation for their men, on the contrary, they love it, these men sometimes come back to book more sessions. Men always want to impress their women and so they use this drive to run the session naturally.When is the right time to schedule a session?There are different events in a couple’s life that might warrant a boudoir session to keep the memories alive. Some brides and grooms-to-be come to schedule an intimate boudoir session before they say “I  Do”.  Mementos such as these, are forever cherished by the couples. Anniversary sessions are also not new. Married couples most times who  want to spice up their love lives, use this as a means to rekindle love flames and trust me it works. Other couples celebrate birthdays, retirements, moving into their new house and so on, by scheduling a couple’s boudoir session. This trend is  gaining momentum and will be with us for a very long time. You might want to try this with your spouse, I am open to ideas and will ensure you do not regret this decision.